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Thistle and Weed is a collaboration between the Terblanche and Wiid families established in 2015, led by Etienne Terblanche (Viticulturist) and Stephanie Wiid (Winemaker). 


Inspired by the encroaching weeds found amongst the vines grown in the Cape, Etienne and Steph draw parallels between thistles and weeds and the uncompromising tenacity and survival skills of grapevines. 


Together, they set out to discover the best of the Cape’s hidden gems, intent on crafting honest wines that are made with a deep connection to nature and offer the most simple expression of the terroir from which they come.

Stephanie Wiid grew up in the bustling city of Johannesburg. Her move to Stellenbosch to study Viticulture and Oenology may seem unusual for a city-slicker, but Steph has wine in her blood. Her Oupa was the renowned Niel Joubert of Spier, pioneer and founding member of the Stellenbosch Wine Route. She spent 10 years as winemaker at the innovative Fairview winery and turned to Thistle and Weed (and motherhood) full time in late 2018. She is the youngest and tallest of three sisters, wife to Kannas and mother to Frances (human) and Khaleesi & Khumba (canines).

Etienne Terblanche grew up in a sleepy coastal town on the West Coast picking-up the weekend shift in his parents' seaside restaurant. He holds a Masters degree in Viticulture and Oenology from Montpellier SupAgro and a PhD in Viticulture from Stellenbosch University.  He sharpened his secateurs as a viticulturist at Delheim Wines in Stellenbosch from 2012 before moving into a viticultural consultancy role at Industry body Vinpro late in 2018. Etienne is an only child, father to Elmie (human) and Ben (canine) and husband to Lizanda.


Bei größeren Bestellungen bieten wir folgenden Mengenrabatt. Beim Checkout ganz einfach den passenden Code verwenden.

​5 %  ab 12 FLASCHEN – mit dem Code *RABATT5*
10 % ab 24 FLASCHEN – mit dem Code *RABATT10*
15 % ab 36 FLASCHEN – mit dem Code *RABATT15*

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