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Growing up on the South-West coastline of South Africa, surfing and enjoying the ocean, Namibian-born winemaker and viticulturist MC Stander entered the wine scene almost by chance in 2006.

Quickly opting to part ways from larger-scale production in 2010, MC realised his passion for natural winemaking and organic farming at Joostenberg Wines. From there, he continued to work with small producers, and later the independent winemakers in Swartland. In 2018, continuously drawn to a more ‘hands on’ approach, MC founded (ℓ) equinox wines. Working with grape growers from Swartland, (ℓ) equinox aims to create a liquid that is both balanced and natural.

Inspired by the Beaujolais area in France, MC makes use of practices such as carbonic fermentation, whole bunches and allowing skin maceration on his white wines, aiming to create a unique product that reflects where it comes from and what it is. Enjoy.


Bei größeren Bestellungen bieten wir folgenden Mengenrabatt. Beim Checkout ganz einfach den passenden Code verwenden.

​5 %  ab 12 FLASCHEN – mit dem Code *RABATT5*
10 % ab 24 FLASCHEN – mit dem Code *RABATT10*
15 % ab 36 FLASCHEN – mit dem Code *RABATT15*

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