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Our motto in life is simple – dream big, work hard, and persevere with the tenacious spirit of a warrior to make those dreams a reality. We have always dreamed of having our destiny in our own hands, and to raise our two children in an environment filled with love for what we do – to produce outstanding wines from unique terroirs.


We believe that we are firmly in charge of that destiny and that the Atlas Swift range of wines
is a culmination of hard work, perseverance, and the multiplicity of distinctive origins, cultures, memories, and energy.” - Martin and Welma Smith – Proprietors.


Bei größeren Bestellungen bieten wir folgenden Mengenrabatt. Beim Checkout ganz einfach den passenden Code verwenden.

​5 %  ab 12 FLASCHEN – mit dem Code *RABATT5*
10 % ab 24 FLASCHEN – mit dem Code *RABATT10*
15 % ab 36 FLASCHEN – mit dem Code *RABATT15*

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