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What started out as 50L of Shiraz for fun has grown into 5,000L of a small, focused range of wines that my friends, family and I all love to drink. The volumes are kept small to allow sufficient focus on each one, to maximise the quality produced.Along the way, many legends of the winemaking world have, and continue to inspire and motivate me, including the legendary (late) Allan Mullins, Bertus Fourie and Andy Barns, to all of whom I am both grateful and indebted.

Incredibly, the motivation has been such that I now find myself making the wines end to end, from working with the farmers from whom I source the grapes, through every step of the way right through to selling the wines here on this website. Since ‘13 I have built great relationships with amazing farmers and worked with them to procure the highest quality grapes.

I have also finally moved out of my garage, and into a fully accredited and sustainable custom cellar in Riebeek Kasteel where more attention to the details that matter can now be afforded to the wines that I make.

For me, winemaking (although sounding clichéd) is about Art and Science, or Passion and Precision. There are many things that one can try and control through the winemaking process, but ultimately it is Mother Nature who determines the outcome, so I do what I do with great passion and where needed, precision.

Thorngrove’s primary aim is to create beautiful and luscious wines with a clean, fruit-driven palate, complimented by the carefully judged use of the best quality oak.

The truth is in the bottle of course and so I invite you to taste what Mother Nature has delivered, with a little nurturing from me…


Bei größeren Bestellungen bieten wir folgenden Mengenrabatt. Beim Checkout ganz einfach den passenden Code verwenden.

​5 %  ab 12 FLASCHEN – mit dem Code *RABATT5*
10 % ab 24 FLASCHEN – mit dem Code *RABATT10*
15 % ab 36 FLASCHEN – mit dem Code *RABATT15*

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