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ALC/ VOL: 13.70% RESIDUAL SUGAR: 1.3 g/L   –   pH: 3.98   –   TOTAL ACIDITY: 4.4g/L   –   FREE SO2: 15 mg/L   –   TOTAL SO2: 37 mg/L   –   VOLATILE ACIDITY: 0.87g/L




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Allergene: Enthält Sulfite


Inverkehrbringer: CAPEWEINE.COM, Unterortwang 11b, 87545 Burgberg


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    The grapes were sorted and fermented carbonically with 100% whole bunches in a 1.4ton tank for 5 days. The grapes were then pressed to tank before fermented dry and racked 1 - 2 times to get rid of the gross lees. After this it was moved into old 400L barrels to complete malolactic fermentation and aging.The wine gets bottled in the same year at the end of spring.

    The grapes are grown on the foothills of Paarl Rock in the Western Cape, South Africa. These soils are well drained granite and shale soils with an average annual rainfall of 700 - 750mm in the area.

    All the vineyards are trellised.

    During harvest the grapes were picked early for freshness, natural acidity and lower alcohol levels. No additives are used in the production of L EQUINOX WINES except a small dose of sulphur.